Eagle Group Dish Rack Dolly

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Eagle Group GRD-2020-A Panco® Glass Rack Dolly


Eagle Group BPD-1826-A-X Panco® Bun Pan Dolly


Eagle Group BPD-1826-A Panco® Bun Pan Dolly


Eagle Group GRD-2020-A-X Panco® Glass Rack Dolly


Eagle Group GRDH-2020-A Panco® Glass Rack Dolly


Dish rack dollies are essential for food service establishments. You can securely transport multiple dishes and glassware with a dish rack dolly. These are quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, especially for restaurants, events, convention centers, buffets, and events where food is served. These dish rack dollies are ideal for transporting dishes and glassware from your kitchen to the serving area of your restaurant. You can also purchase tray caddies and glass rack dollies that are perfect for transporting trays and glassware across your commercial establishment. Dish rack dollies come in various sizes; you can purchase a dolly depending upon your business needs. With a dish rack dolly, you can effortlessly transport dishes, plates, trays, cups, and glassware. These dollies or carts are made from aluminum, high-quality fiber, and other sturdy materials. These are designed for heavy and prolonged usage. You can efficiently transport multiple racks of trays or glassware on these dollies. You can also purchase caddies that come equipped with a vinyl cover to transport dishes or cutlery securely across your establishment. Additionally, you can opt for trays and silverware carts for efficiently organizing trays and silverware for self-service. You can also store and transport spoons, forks, and napkins if required. With dish rack dollies, you can serve your patrons in a quick and efficient manner.

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