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Make it Easy for your Kitchen Staff with the Right Dishtables

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Used to place dirty dishes before being placed in your dishwasher, a dishtable is an indispensable part of the dishwashing process in any restaurant, especially if you want your dishware organized. Usually, there are two kinds of dishtables at both ends of a warewashing machine, clean and soiled dishtables. With the huge number of dishes cleaned every day at your establishment, it may become chaotic without proper cleaning equipment. The presence of both soiled and clean dishtables make it easy to conveniently load and unload dishes. With our line of dishtables at Chef Buyer, you can choose one that integrates seamlessly with the dishwashing process followed by your staff. With raised edges to keep dirty water from spilling, you can either opt for one with a pre-rinse sink or a scrap hole with a dustbin under it. You can also order one with rolled-rim edges if you are concerned about the sharp edges of the dish table. Some also come with built-in under shelves for storing cleaning solutions and other liquids or even sorting and draining shelves in case of a low-temp dishwasher. According to your preference, you can also buy a pre-rinse faucet to clean food remains from the dishes with water gushing out at high pressure. A clean dishtable can also include a table limit switch to stop too many dish racks from coming out from the dishwasher at the same time. Thanks to their organized cleaning of dishes, our dishtables can provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business.

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