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Squeaky Clean Dishes: Perfect Dishwashers For Your Restaurant!

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MEIKO FV 40.2 Point 2 Series Dishwasher


MEIKO UM+ M-iClean Series Dishwasher


MEIKO DV 80.2 Point 2 Series Dishwasher


If you want clean and shiny dishware, opt for a commercial dishwasher for your business. Commercial dishwashers are perfect for restaurants, cafes, diners, and institutions. Dishwashers come in various sizes; purchase a high-volume dishwasher if you own a large restaurant or institution. Smaller low or mid-volume models are ideal for smaller fast food joints and cafes. High-temp dishwashers use hot water to clean or sanitize your dishes, and these need a condensate hood for better efficiency, while low-temp dishwashers use chemicals to clean the dishes. These low-temp dishwashers require the timely replacement of chemicals. For high-volume usage, you can use rack-style dishwashers. These models are perfect for compact spaces. You can also choose from glass washers for your pub, bar, club, and smoothie parlor. You can purchase a manual or automatic glass washer depending upon your needs. With automatic glass washers, you can save time, and your staff won’t complain about sore hands or muscle pain. Dishwashers and glasswashers come equipped with a variety of brushes to suit your cleaning needs. You can remove deep lipstick stains and coffee stains from glassware. For compact kitchens, purchase an under-counter dishwasher, and for larger establishments, opt for a large conveyor dishwasher depending upon the available floor space.

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