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Squeaky Clean: Premium Door-type Dishwashers for your Convenience

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Blakeslee DD-8B Dishwasher


Having a clean set of plates and glassware is essential to running a restaurant that takes hygiene and sanitation seriously. Door-type dishwashers are ideal for establishments that have a limited amount of space and need to go through many dishes in a short period. These dishwashers are available in both low-temperature and high-temperature models. While the former uses chemical agents for the sanitation of the dishes, the latter uses hot water that measures over 180 degrees Fahrenheit for sanitization during the last stage of dishwashing. Door-type dishwashers are available in a large array of capacities. While those on the lower end of the spectrum can handle between ten to thirty racks at a time, higher-capacity dishwashers can handle over a hundred racks. These dishwashers have intuitive technologies that include draining the unit upon opening the door, automatic tank filling at the press of a button, and an electronic control pad to choose your options. To improve the functionality of your door-type dishwashers, you can supplement them with additional units like booster heaters and condensate hoods. Do the best with your kitchen by bringing in a door-type dishwasher- a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Choose from the high-quality options to never run out of clean plates and shiny glasses.

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