AMPTO Dough Sheeters

Flatten Dough In a Jiffy! Superior Quality Dough Sheeters For Your Business

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AMPTO CL-300SL Dough Roller & Sheeter
Retail $1,948.00
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AMPTO LAM050U Dough Sheeter
Retail $1,640.00
Your price $1,387.04
AMPTO CL-390 Dough Roller & Sheeter
Retail $2,566.00
Your price $2,337.03
AMPTO CS-500 Dough Sheeter
Retail $5,868.38
Your price $5,868.38

Dough sheeters are essential for preparing bread, pizza dough, and other dough-related products. Dough sheeters are extremely efficient and help you flatten the dough perfectly. At Chef Buyer, you can purchase different types of dough sheeters to suit your business needs. Dough sheeters are perfect for bakeries, pizza places, burger joints, sandwich places, restaurants, cafes, institutions, and other commercial food establishments. The flattened dough from dough sheeters is used for making loaves of bread, buns, and pizzas. You can purchase single-pass dough sheeters or double-pass dough sheeters depending upon your requirements. With manual or automatic dough sheeters, you can easily flatten dough in a few seconds. Automatic dough sheeters reduce the amount of time necessary to flatten dough. With automatic dough sheeters, you can make pie crusts, tortillas, pitas, and different types of flatbreads. Most dough sheeters are ergonomically compact and countertop dough sheeters are the best fit for busy establishments to flatten dough. Chef Buyer helps you find the best dough sheeters for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Browse through our kitchen equipment catalog to make the best appliance purchases for your commercial establishment.

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