Advance Tabco Drainboards

Prevent Spillage! Purchase High-Quality Drainboards For Your Bar

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Drainboards are perfect for bars, pubs, club kitchens, restaurants, cafes, diners, and juice bars. These units are ideal for making cocktails, cold beverages, and other drinks. With drainboards, you can prevent liquid spillage, and keep the bar area or kitchen dry. With drainboards, you can serve your patrons in a quick and easy manner. They come in various sizes and shapes; choose a drainboard depending upon your business needs. You can opt for narrow drainboards if you have limited available floor space in your bar or kitchen. With underbar drainboards, you can drain out beer spillage, chilled water spillage, and other liquids that can overflow during a pour or service. Commercial kitchen drainboards are highly versatile. Some drainboards come equipped with storage cabinets. You can store essential condiments, utensils, and frequently used utensils in these drainboard storage cabinets. Most drainboard units come fitted with backsplashes to prevent water or liquid spillage. With backsplashes, you can protect the walls or kitchen equipment from water splashes. Drainboard bodies are mostly made from stainless steel, which makes them durable and non-corrosive. These also come equipped with galvanized or stainless steel legs for better stability and sturdiness. These NSF-certified units are highly efficient and can serve a multitude of purposes in a commercial kitchen or bar setting.

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