Advance Tabco Drop-In Refrigerated Food Well Units

Chilling Out Right: The Best Drop-In Refrigerated Food Wells for your Establishment

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Advance Tabco DICP-1 Cold Food Well Unit


Advance Tabco DICP-2 Cold Food Well Unit


Advance Tabco DICP-3 Cold Food Well Unit


Advance Tabco DICP-4 Cold Food Well Unit


Advance Tabco DICP-5 Cold Food Well Unit


Advance Tabco DICP-6 Cold Food Well Unit


When you have several cold items on your menu to hold or store, a drop-in refrigerated food well is a great option. These units are ideal for holding items like desserts, dressings, salads, and fruit. Drop-in refrigerated food wells are an important addition to your equipment if you’re running a full course buffet or a catering service. Alternatively, they also help restaurant owners safely preserve cold food prepared at safe temperatures without hampering the quality or texture. Cold food wells come with specialized compressors outfitted either at the bottom of the unit so they’re concealed, or in remote options. The latter understandably has more customization options. Other options include cold wall units that have the coolant fluid cool the walls of the food well, while air-cooled units have the condensers blast the walls with chilled air to maintain temperature. When you have to preserve  a lot of cold food, drop-in refrigerated food wells provide simple methods that can aid you with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Chef Buyer has been in the commercial food industry long enough to understand that quality products are bound to make a difference. We keep up to our word by offering the best brands in the market that include Delfield, Advance Tabco, Wells, Hatco, Randell, and Dinex. You can add these drop-in units to your countertop by reaching out to us to find the best product suited to your needs. Be sure to check out our convenient catalogs for a wide range of products. Choose high-grade refrigeration, choose Chef Buyer.

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