John Boos Drop-In Sinks

Cleaning Simplified: Premium Drop-in Sinks for your Restaurant

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The need to have extra cleaning space might come up at any time. Whether it's for the backhouse space or the food prep area, adding an extra sink can aid with operational streamlining. Drop-in sinks are convenient solutions that require only a cutout on the table or countertop to be installed. These sinks, unlike undermount models, can be dropped in from above, ensuring they’re easier to manage and place. Drop-in sinks are made of durable stainless steel shaped into rectangular, square, and circular bowls. These sinks come with existing drain cutouts to make plumbing an easier task. You can choose to install a noise dampener beneath the sinks to help you cut out the racket at the ware washing area. These sinks can also be customized with drainboards and sink heaters, adding greater functionality to your drop-in sink. Drop-in sinks are also available in multiple-bowl variants and come with cutouts for faucets. With high-grade stainless steel, corrosion resistance and resilience to high loads are a given. It's wise to rely on ingenious and simple solutions like drop-in sinks when looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Ensure you're always offering the best sanitation solutions at your commercial kitchen while making things easier for your staff, select from premium drop-in sinks.

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