Howard-McCray Dry / Unfrefrigerated Bakery Cases

Show & Tell: Dry & Unrefrigerated Bakery Cases for your Food Service Operation

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Howard-McCray D-CBS40E-4C-LED Dry Display Bakery Case
$6,091.50 /each
Retail $6,091.50
Your price $5,295.95
Howard-McCray D-CBS40E-6C-LED Dry Display Bakery Case
$7,107.00 /each
Retail $7,107.00
Your price $6,178.83
Howard-McCray D-CBS40E-8C-LED Dry Display Bakery Case
$8,062.50 /each
Retail $8,062.50
Your price $7,009.54
One of the best ways of advertising your offerings is by presenting your menu appealingly. Bakeries produce varieties of bread, confections, biscuits, tarts, and pies that can catch the attention of people the moment they walk into your establishment. Dry and unrefrigerated display cases help you merchandise products that are either pre-packaged, have a naturally long shelf-life, or need to be kept out of moisture to last longer than usual. These display cases do a great job of protecting your offerings from environmental factors like particulates, dust, and moisture so that you always offer only safe, clean, and high-quality baked products. Dry and unrefrigerated display cases form an important part of the bakery and can be placed along with your counters for an increased quotient of visibility and access. These units are available in a variety of sizes to fit every establishment’s needs, whether large or small. Made of glass and stainless steel, dry and unrefrigerated bakery cases bring a sleek, polished, and attractive appearance to your bakery or cafe. Dry and unrefrigerated cases are important additions to a bakery’s operations, and they’re integral, quick, and easy ways to serve your high-volume business. Make no compromise on quality, and choose from the best solutions for your bakery to reap the best rewards.

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