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Streak-Free Cutlery: Purchase Best Quality Cutlery Dryers and Polishers For Your Business

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Blakeslee BB-914 Burnisher System


Blakeslee BB-2016 Burnisher System


Blakeslee BB-1224 Burnisher System


Hygiene and a clean design are the two most important factors that will make your commercial foodservice establishment stand out. Everyone expects clean dishes and cutlery when they dine out. With cutlery dryers and polishers, you can deliver perfectly clean flatware throughout the day. Your staff can easily operate these cutlery dryers and polishers and serve your patrons efficiently. With cutlery dryers and polishers, you can provide perfectly sanitized, hygienic, and polished cutlery for your customers. These devices also help you create a long-lasting impression on your customers. Most patrons are very particular about hygiene. Families or parents with kids will love that they can get spotless and polished cutlery at your establishment. This will help you get repeat patrons. You can purchase countertop cutlery dryers and polishers if you have limited space in your kitchen. These portable machines are fully automated and can deliver perfectly shiny dishware. Some cutlery dryer polisher machines can clean thousands of pieces of wet cutlery in an hour. These highly efficient machines come with advanced features like UV-C sanitation for eliminating bacteria and perfectly sterilizing cutlery. These also provide for a streak-free shine, which is great for tabletop presentations.

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