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Flake ice is used for similar purposes as crushed ice, except that it’s lighter and doesn’t exert undue stress on your countertop blender during production. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as making mixed frozen drinks, serving cold oysters, and cooling fresh meat. Flake ice is the most cost-effective way to produce ice and the best option for large volumes of food. At Chef Buyer, we have the most quick and easy way to serve your high-volume business. We have a wide selection of flake ice-makers from premium brands such as Manitowoc, Scotsman, Follett Corp and Hoshizaki as well as superior brands like Ice-O-Matic. Our wide selection of flake ice-makers can accommodate all types of establishments and come in various sizes and cooling technologies to suit your needs best. While air-cooled flake ice-makers are cooled by the air around the unit, water-cooled units require water to do the job, and remote-controlled machines require a line to connect the compressor and condenser to the production unit. Depending on your usage, we stock ice makers that can produce anywhere from 300-2000+ lbs. of flake ice in 24 hours. We encourage you to take advantage of our competitive prices and great selection to find a flake ice maker that suits your needs best.

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