Jackson WWS Flight Type Dishwashers

Industrial Washing: Premium Flight-type Dishwashers for your Commercial Kitchen

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When you're running a large commercial operation that produces hundreds of dirty dishes each hour, a regular dishwasher won't do. What you need is a large-scale solution that can wash hundreds of dishes and glassware each hour, ensuring your operation is always on the top of its game and never runs out of clean dishes. Flight-type dishwashers can handle several hundreds of dishes each hour with minimal manual involvement in the dishwashing process. These dishwashers come with a conveyor belt that takes the dishes through a washing chamber to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. There are options to place the dishes simply on the belt or on racks that can result in a more ordered washing procedure. All dishes are sprayed with hot water at the end of the washing process in a flight-type dishwasher, ensuring complete and deep cleaning that wipes out any risk of microbial contamination. Flight type dishwashers are available in a range of capacities and your operational volume can help you decide when you're looking for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. There also exist variations in conveyor belt sizes in flight-type dishwashers, which gives you the option of selecting one based on the size of utensils your restaurant uses. Ensure you make an informed choice so that your ware washing area is always working efficiently and at its best.

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