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Sometimes commercial kitchen work can get messy, whether it's spilled water, cleaning water, water from steam pots, or other vessels, the floor can turn into a slippery mess. To avoid any workplace accidents, it's important to ensure safety with the right kind of equipment to make way for the excess water to be drained. Floor troughs are ideal solutions when you want to clear out small pools, stagnant puddles, and flowing water that has gotten to the kitchen floor. They ensure the water is taken to a holding chamber or directly to the sewage where it can then be treated and released. Floor troughs are commonly made of stainless steel to add to the corrosion resistance factor and durability. However, newer models are also made of fiberglass to provide an anti-skid feature. Floor troughs come with strainer baskets that can help your janitorial staff filter out debris from the water before it enters the sewage. With unique designs and sufficient clearance, floor troughs ensure every last drop of water is drained, making sure your staff have a safe environment to work in. They're available in multiple sizes and are perfect options when you're looking for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Choose from premium floor troughs for smooth & safe commercial kitchen operations.

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