Piper Food Carrier Dolly

Swift, Safe & Insulated: Commercial Food Carrier Dollies for your Establishment

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If you regularly service catering arrangements, events, festivals, banquets, institutions and community kitchens, moving around cooked food is an important priority. There's always the risk of spillage, accidents, and wastage when moving hot, cooked food has to be done manually. However, an intuitive solution exists to mitigate this problem in the form of a food carrier dolly. Allowing your staff to mount cooked food, whether in pans or pots, these units also enable your staff to wheel the cooked food around to wherever it’s being served. Food carrier dollies are made of polymers or lightweight aluminum with a coating of insulating material. This helps the pans and pots retain the heat while the food is being moved. The wheels are made from heavy-duty material and offer all-around motion to promote maneuverability in tight corners. Food pan dollies come in various colors and also have rounded edges and margins so your staff doesn't end up causing damage or scratches to other equipment in the kitchen while moving around food. They're available in a large variety of capacities and are very good options for caterers and restaurateurs looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business. Select from the best and certified food pan dollies for running a seamless catering operation.

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