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Skyfood Equipment PA-11S Food Processor, Benchtop / Countertop
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Skyfood Equipment PA-141 Food Processor, Floor Model
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Whether it's chopping, slicing, dicing, pureeing, kneading, or blending, the food processor's got you covered. The commercial food processor is the workhorse of the food business and can perform an array of tasks within minutes. An effective and durable food processor can deal with any number of orders your kitchen receives, easing the stress on your staff. Depending on the scale and the size of your operation, food processors are available in several variants, models, and designs. While the batch bowl varieties rely on the size of the bowl to churn out processed products, the continuous feed processors can keep functioning so long as there's a receptacle to collect the processed food. Slicer cutters or food cutters, the third variant, are ideal for a constant stream of chopped veggies, minced & ground meat, and sliced tubers. These units will enable you to affix several attachments based on the nature of the operation your staff wishes to perform. Chef Buyer selects the choicest food processors from the best brands to stock its inventories. Our catalogs showcase brands such as Hobart, Electrolux, Piper, and Sammic to bring you the best from the market. Our purchases are covered by company-assured warranties. Chef Buyer can provide you customized solutions to help you with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Get the best food processor today, reach out to Chef Buyer!

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