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Advance Tabco AFS-36 Food shield


Food shields are an essential piece of equipment for foodservice establishments. These units are perfect for cafes, kiosks, food trucks,  buffets, convention centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and institutions. You can choose from straight, curved, and other types of food shields for your establishment. With food shields, you can prevent contamination of food. You can store your food in a safe and hygienic manner with food shields. You can purchase large food shields that are great for restaurant buffets, school cafeterias, and ice cream parlors. You can also opt for smaller-sized food shields that are ideal for kiosks, small cafes, and other smaller food service counters. Most food shields are made from clear glass and fiber. These units also help in merchandising food products. These tempered glass food shields or fiber food shields are heat resistant. Food shields provide a quick and easy way to prevent contamination of food. You can purchase freestanding and/or suspended food shields for your establishment. With these food shields, you can protect your entrees, cooked vegetables, gravies, and other food items from airborne contaminants. These units can be cleaned easily, and some food shields come with adjustable chamber lock technology to fix the food shield at different angles.

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