Turbo Air Four Compartment Sinks

Squeaky Clean: Premier Four Compartment Sinks for Your Restaurant & Bar

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Turbo Air TSA-4-N Sink

With a large operation functioning day in and day out, there are bound to be several dishes, glassware, and utensils that pile up. It is important to have your ware washing area outfitted with high-quality units so you never have to compromise on the health codes and the safety of the food you serve to your customers. With commercial four compartment sinks, you always have the comfort of having separate bowls for soaking, washing, rinsing, and sanitation. These tasks are well compartmentalized so your back house staff can function in a neat and orderly fashion. These sinks are made of stainless construction that ensures durability and are sturdy options for ware washing. Newer varieties are also outfitted with noise dampeners under the bowl surface to reduce the racket that dishwashing can cause. Underbar varieties of these sinks are ideal to help your bartenders and mixologists save time as they never have to move around too much while serving your customers and cleaning up the aisle. Compartment sinks can be instrumental for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Chef Buyer has a long-standing promise of quality that is backed by superior brands like Eagle, Turbo Air, Advance Tabco, Glastender, Perlick, and Krowne. While shopping with us you get the best, warranty-backed products that are never too heavy on the budget, thanks to our flexible finance options. When safety is paramount, Chef Buyer’s your top pick.

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