Freezer Cabinets

Freezer Cabinets - Portability and Cold Temperatures for Frozen Foods

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FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co., Inc. UFS-10 Freezer
$11,406.00 /each
Retail $11,406.00
Your price $10,335.45
FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co., Inc. UFS-10-GN Freezer
$11,636.40 /each
Retail $11,636.40
Your price $10,544.23

Commercial freezer cabinets are designed to store frozen foods and ingredients at ideal temperatures while adding mobility to transport your food products from one location to another. Freezer cabinets are equipped with user-friendly thermostatic controls and feature solid doors to minimize heat loss. They also come with a solid stainless steel construction to make cleaning as simple as possible. Casters at the bottom provide freedom for the unit to be transported, while inside the appliance, a selection of racks and trays provide you with the versatility to store a variety of vessels and pots. These appliances are especially useful in high-volume kitchens and foodservice industries like banquets, dining halls, and cafeterias. Chef Buyer provides you with a choice selection of some excellent freezer cabinets from FWE. Our goal is to arrange a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Our dedicated staff is highly experienced in the foodservice industry and always at your service. In addition, Chef Buyer’s prices are highly competitive to provide you with the highest levels of purchase satisfaction. We would like to make your purchase process as streamlined as possible, so if you are wondering which model would match your requirements best, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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