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Frozen Beverage Machines - Frozen Treats for all Seasons

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FETCO BB1 Elmeco Mini Frozen Beverage Machine


FETCO PEL-0101 Elmeco Frozen Granita Machine


FETCO BB2 Elmeco Mini Frozen Beverage Machine


FETCO PEL-0201 Elmeco Frozen Granita Machine


FETCO PEL-0301 Elmeco Frozen Granita Machine


Frozen beverage machines specialize in making frosty drinks such as granitas, margaritas, frozen milkshakes and lemonades. These drinks are conveniently displayed in transparent hoppers on your countertop and help increase your profit margins by attracting customers for a refreshing beverage, or via impulse buys. These machines are convenient to install in cramped spaces and since they sit on your countertop, it’s hard to miss them. Depending on the kind of the machine and your usage, you can purchase frozen beverage machines that can have up to four hoppers. An auger inside constantly churns the frozen mix to keep the beverage icy and makes it look inviting by mixing the colorful drink. If you intend to serve frozen alcoholic beverages, special machines are available that have the ability to freeze alcohol. Other models excel in creating frozen carbonated beverages. No matter what kind of foodservice operation you run, you can greatly benefit from a frozen beverage machine that is placed at an eye-catching spot. Chef Buyer excels in presenting you with a wide variety of commercial beverage appliances to provide a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. To begin the search for your perfect frozen beverage solution, feel free to contact us and our dedicated customer service team will guide you in the right direction.

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