Double Bowl Units

Amazing Slushies, Slurpees, and Ice Cream! Buy The Best Quality Double Bowl Units For Your Business

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Grindmaster-Cecilware FROSTY 2 Frosty 2 Frozen Granita Dispenser
Retail $2,843.50
Your price $2,529.42
Grindmaster-Cecilware I-PRO 2M W/ LIGHT I-PRO 2M Frozen Granita Dispenser with Light
Retail $3,113.00
Your price $2,769.16
Grindmaster-Cecilware I-PRO 2E W/ LIGHT I-PRO 2E Frozen Granita Dispenser with Light
Retail $3,267.55
Your price $2,906.63
Grindmaster-Cecilware GT PUSH 2 GT Push 2 Frozen Granita & Ice Cream Dispenser
Retail $4,132.15
Your price $3,675.74

Double bowl units are perfect for juice parlors, cafes, diners, convenience stores, concession stands, and institutions. You can make multiple flavored Slurpees, slushies, ice cream, and other chilled beverages with double bowl dispensers. These high-performance double bowl units are highly efficient and versatile. You can easily mix different concentrates or powder with water to create delicious Slurpees and smoothies. Some machines can also serve soft and smooth ice cream. You can serve chilled beverages and ice cream to hundreds of patrons daily with double bowl dispensers. Most double bowl units come with essential features like clear display containers for effective merchandising, precise temperature control, and LED lamps to illuminate the bowls. These dispensers are easy to clean because of removable bowls and drip trays. Standard hopper agitators in double bowl units ensure product quality with consistency.  The stainless steel body of these dispensers makes them durable and perfect for prolonged usage. Frozen beverage machines can deliver delicious beverages with consistency. With beverage machines, you can serve frozen cocktails and daiquiris along with other frozen beverages. These come with clear storage containers that are attractive and help in merchandising. Granita and ice cream dispensers can dispense smooth soft-ice cream, Slurpees, and slushies from the same unit. These versatile machines are perfect for smoothie parlors, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, and kiosks where you want to merchandise both flavored beverages and ice creams. With double bowl frozen granita dispensers, you can serve flavored Slurpees, slushies, and other chilled beverages. You can create frozen cherry slushies, pineapple slushies, watermelon Slurpees, and pina colada Slurpees with double bowl granita dispensers. Chef Buyer helps you find the best double bowl units for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Browse through our kitchen equipment catalog to make the best appliance purchases for your commercial establishment.

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