Frymaster Fryer Oil Transporters

Get the Oil Moving: Premium Fryer Oil Transporters for your Restaurant

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Frymaster PSDU50 Shortening Disposal Unit
$1,607.40 /each
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Frymaster PSDU100 Shortening Disposal Unit
$2,085.60 /each
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While operating fryers is no easy task, to make things tougher, there also exists the process of removing fryer oil, cleaning & filtering it, or discarding it. This might not be comparable to what one would do at a rig, but it's still potentially dangerous and can create quite a mess if done incorrectly. Messy oil refining and potential spills can not only create a mess in the kitchen, but they’re also a dangerous hazard to your employees. However, fryer oil transporters have you covered. With their intuitive construction, they help you drain fryer oil safely into a tank without the risk of any spillage or injury. Fryer oil transporters have a secure sealing system that prevents accidental spillage and helps you take the removed oil to a container where you can filter and clean it. It might be no barrel, however, the capacities of these units are large enough to help you out when you're looking for quick ways to service your high-volume business. Fryer oil transporters are also endowed with durable casters that help you move around the unit wherever you please with comfort. While some units offer the convenience of draining the oil directly into the drum of the transporter, others have a pump that can draw out the oil from the fryer for filtration. Old and unclean oil can affect food quality and is also a health hazard. Do your bit to make fat a little less unhealthy, get your establishment a fryer oil transporter.

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