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Deep Frying for Health & Quality: High-end Pressure Fryers for your Operations

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BKI FKM-F Pressure Fryer
$20,636.57 /each
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BKI FKM-FC Pressure Fryer
$23,631.74 /each
Retail $23,631.74
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BKI FKM-TC Pressure Fryer
$24,310.02 /each
Retail $24,310.02
Your price $24,310.02

When attracting customers with a slew of delicious fried foods on your menu, it is important to make it as healthy as you possibly can. After all, great food comes with great responsibility. Pressure fryers come in handy in fulfilling these responsibilities by adding a fine dose of health to your fried offerings. They use a unique system that submerges food in hot oil, following which an airtight seal locks the food in with the oil so that the magic can happen. High-pressure situations bring out the best of some of your favorite foods. Heat inside the chamber brings the internal temperature of the food to its boiling point, maximizing the extent of cooking and bringing down cooking times. Not only does that help your staff address large orders in time, but it also improves the functionality of your frying section. Pressure fryers are a perfect match for chicken wings, fries, onion rings, nuggets, and fish. Chef Buyer can help your offerings swipe right on these efficient machines, provided you can support a productive relationship. Chef Buyer is busy lining up and assembling the best products for you. You needn’t look for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business anywhere else.  Our pressure fryers are sourced from the best of brands, making sure you’re equipped to deal with any high-pressure situations yourself, but with a reliable partner by your side. Call Chef Buyer today.

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