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Perlick Corporation PKHT24 Underbar Glass Washer
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A high temp glass washer can be very useful in establishments that buzz with customers throughout the day. While this appliance may be more expensive than their low temp counterparts, this glasswasher is perfect for long-term use. Providing heat that touches 180 F at its highest, this appliance helps you skip on expensive chemicals for your wash cycle. The high temp glasswasher can run efficiently during even your busiest hours. Whether you have a continuous flow of customers or very important guests for a special lunch, this high temp glass washer can provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. This glasswasher can handle a large amount of glassware at a time and ensure that they are ever ready to be served at any time. It employs a security thermostat to stop sudden temperature changes and has the capacity to wash around 30 racks per hour. Its thermo control feature keeps a check on the machine’s sanitary temperature needed for cleaning glassware. Most high-temperature models include a detergent pump and rinse aid dispenser. These features make it easier for the restaurant staff to handle and clean the glassware. With a stainless body that is corrosion resistant, it’s made of material that easily lasts long and ensures high quality dishwashing for your kitchen needs.

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