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Perlick Corporation PKD24B Undercounter Glass Washer
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Perlick Corporation PKD24A Undercounter Glass Washer
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A separate washer machine for the glasses at your bar might be a good option for establishments that serve drinks regularly. Ultimately, servers only want the taste of their drinks to shine through and nothing else. Given their rough handling, usual dishwashers might not be suitable for washing delicate glass sets. Glass washer machines are available in two types: low-temperature & high-temperature glass washer machines. If you have a small establishment with a smaller budget for your dishwashing needs, a low temp glass washer is a better idea. While it doesn’t consume as much energy as its high temperature counterpart, it needs strong chemicals to clean glassware in the absence of high-temperature water. Compared to usual dishwashers, low temp glass washers have a quicker turnaround time, with the ability to wash around 1000 glasses per hour. Whether you have tall glasses, mugs, or even stemware, low-temp glasswashers have enough clearance to produce spic-and-span results for all kinds of glassware. The highest water inlet temperature of this machine is 120 degrees F, while the lowest is 75 degrees F. This is just the right range to prevent delicate glassware from breaking. At Chef Buyer, we have a line of low temp glass washers for your perusal and selection as per your establishment’s space and water capacities. Add low-temp glass washers to your list of quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business.

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