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Smokin’!: Supreme Charbroilers for Your Commercial Kitchen Needs

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When you’re looking to add that classic barbecue flavor to your food, commercial charbroilers are your best friend. Grilling food over charbroilers brings in the distinct smoky, charcoal-scented aroma, making the food far more appetizing and adds to the outdoor experience. A variety of foods like seafood, ham, steak, and chicken can be cooked over these specialized cooking units so your customers keep coming back for more. Commercial charbroilers vary largely in size and can be found ranging from just about a foot wide up to over 6 feet. Charbroilers are highly versatile and are available in several designs and variants. While outdoor variants are limited to barbecuing for large batches in an exterior setup, floor model griddles are the ideal solution when you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. If you’re running a smaller operation, or are running low on space, you can always choose from countertop charbroilers and hotdog grills. Commercial charbroilers are available in gas, electric, and charcoal/wood models. Most units use radiants or lava rocks to distribute heat evenly. Based on your cleaning and operating convenience you can choose from either of these options. Chef Buyer prides itself on being able to bring you top-range commercial charbroilers from brands like Vulcan, Electrolux Professional, Eagle, Garland, Southbend, and Toastmaster. Your purchases are assured by Chef Buyer and come with company warranties. Seamless customer service forms the backbone of our operation and we’re sure to help you out with the right option meant for your business. When you’re looking to give your customers the ideal taste of professional cooking, you shouldn’t be taking any chances. Reach out to Chef Buyer and keep those coals hot.

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