Imperial Drop-In Griddles

Drop-In Griddles - Upgrade Your Existing Countertop to a Worktop

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Imperial ITY-24 Teppan-Yaki Griddle
$3,769.00 /each
Retail $3,769.00
Your price $3,025.00
Imperial ITY-36 Teppan-Yaki Griddle
$5,303.00 /each
Retail $5,303.00
Your price $4,257.00
Imperial ITY-48 Teppan-Yaki Griddle
$6,477.00 /each
Retail $6,477.00
Your price $5,199.00
Imperial ITY-60 Teppan-Yaki Griddle
$8,432.00 /each
Retail $8,432.00
Your price $6,768.00

Drop-in griddles are an excellent way to convert your existing countertop into a cooktop. These cooking appliances sit flush inside your countertop space and perform the same functions of a conventional countertop/floor-standing model. Available in various sizes to account for your usage and space constraints, drop-in griddles can come with varying plate thickness options. Thicker plates mean that the grill can hold heat better. These appliances come with stainless steel or chrome finishes to help maintain an even and lustrous cooking surface. Fuel sources are either gas or electric and manual controls enable you to maintain different cooking zones over different areas of the cooktop. As is the norm with griddles, drop-in units come standard with grease troughs and backsplashes for easier cleanup. These offer you versatility and convenience for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. We have a team of highly knowledgeable staff to make life easier for you, so if you’re having trouble with picking out a suitable drop-in cooking solution for your establishment, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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