ICE-O-Matic Half-Dice Ice Machines

Quick and Easy Way to Service Your High-Volume Business

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If you’re considering purchasing an ice machine, you need to think about the type of ice you want. Many people choose to buy half dice ice machines, which produce “half dice” ice. This type of ice looks like half of a cube – or dice, hence the name. Half dice ice is quick to produce, due to its small size. This means half dice machines are brilliant if you need a large volume of ice for your kitchen or bar. However, remember to check the capacity of your chosen ice machine before purchasing – and make sure that you have storage space for your ice! You might want to use half dice ice if you need to blend your ice into drinks. Because of its smaller size, it’s often softer than other types of ice, so will be easy on your blender. When choosing your ice machine, remember to consider how much space you have, and whether you want an air-cooled or water-cooled machine. This choice may depend on how much ice you need, how quickly you need to work, and whether you have plumbing facilities easily available.

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