Admiral Craft Heat Lamps

Warm & Bright: High-quality Heat Lamps for your Restaurant

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Admiral Craft HL-2 Heat Lamp


Heat lamps are simple and economical solutions to keep your prepared offerings warm until serving time. They’re far more inexpensive than warming drawers of heated cabinets and display cases, and do a great job at keeping food warm until you can get it to your guests. Heat lamps come with powerful bulbs that rely on emitting focused light that can keep the temperature within safe ranges to keep food from cooling down and also prevent microbial activity from taking over the food. Time and again heat lamps have achieved optimal serving temperatures while consuming far less energy compared to other warming options, ensuring your establishment also maintains a lower carbon footprint and reduces energy costs. Heat lamps are available in single and dual-unit models depending on the amount of food you intend to keep warm. Heat lamps can also be attached to carving stations so that your chefs can keep special meats warm while making cuts. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, small commercial kitchen components like heat lamps matter a lot. Choose from the best heat lamps to ensure the food your staff has prepared remains warm, presentable, and delicious.

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