Hatco Heated Cabinets

Hot & Fresh, On the Go: Heated Cabinets for your Establishment's Convenience

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Commercial heated cabinets are great options for your restaurant to make sure that your prepared food stays hot until it is served. Your establishment cannot prepare all the food to order right at the time, as situations like rush hour might make things dicey. Heated cabinets allow your chefs to prepare food and store them in an environment that's insulated, safe, and keeps the moisture locked in your food so it doesn't lose texture. These units come equipped with shelves that allow you to stack up food, making perfect use of vertical space. Heated cabinets are available in half and full-sized versions that can be utilized at your commercial kitchen depending on the volumes of food prep and production it sees on an average day. Built from strong, corrosion-proof stainless steel, these heated cabinets are built to last. With the added benefit of attached swivel casters giving it mobility, heated cabinets perfectly fit into the prospects of becoming a quick and easy way to servicing your high-volume business. Chef Buyer's wide range of products are designed by market veterans that have personally tested and used these products over the years. Our catalogs are both budget-friendly and enlist products only from the best of brands. Your purchases are assured by company-backed warranties and service assurances. Make your commercial kitchen the best-equipped in town, call Chef Buyer today.

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