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Add to the Charm of Your Establishment with a Hostess Station

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If you want your restaurant to make an impression on your guests, a hostess station is an essential piece of furniture. Especially in the case of fine dining restaurants, this piece of furniture can add to the glam of the establishment. Mostly placed at the front of the restaurant or a high-class bistro, this equipment helps your staff, i.e., host, hostess, or maître d’, make guests feel comfortable while allowing staff to manage everything smoothly. The station you choose should complement the restaurant decor, whether it is casual, upscale or funky. These stations can be either compact or deluxe, serving as a personal space for the hostess, too. You can also customize it with storage space for your staff to store reservation books, tablets, and menus for easy accessibility. Other customizable aspects of our hostess stations include counter trims, panel options, signage and lighting, frame options, and accessories. The environment that’ll surround the hostess station can also be a deciding factor. If you intend to place the stand outdoors, then it is better to opt for a build that is sturdy and tough enough to face the elements of weather. At Chef Buyer, we have a wide selection of premium hostess stations to provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business.

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