Star Hot Dog Steamer/Broiler

Best Hot Dog in Town: Superior-grade Hot Dog Steamers for your Operation

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Star Mfg. 35SSC Classic Steamro Jr. Hot Dog Steamer
$1,121.45 /each
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Star Mfg. 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer with Juice Tray
$1,196.25 /each
Retail $1,196.25
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Star Mfg. 70SSA Hot Dog Steamer with Juice Tray
$1,868.90 /each
Retail $1,868.90
Your price $1,510.75

Hot dogs are one of the most popular foods served across all of the United States. You’re bound to find hot dog stands all over the country, and it’s a perfect accompaniment whether you’re heading to the movies, watching a game, or are headed to check out the theme park in town. If you’re interested in serving hot dogs at your restaurant, concession stand, or food truck, you need to make sure that these offerings are warm and juicy so that the texture is perfect for your customers to bite into. Commercial hot dog steamers make sure they hold and heat hot dogs to perfection until they can be served to your customers. Hot dog steamers also come with special sections meant only for hot dog buns that can be used by your customers to customize their hot dogs. These units come with selves that allow you to stack hot dogs one on top of the other while the heating goes on unabated. They’re great countertop attractions, thanks to their glass doors and graphics mounted on the side paneling, helping you pull in impulse sales. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, a compromise in quality is not an option. Chef Buyer’s experts have made the effort to curate a large collection of top-quality hot dog steamers from the best of brands so that you don’t have to settle for anything less than premium. With units from Admiral Craft, Nemco, Roll-A-Grill, and Star you can rest assured that your hot dogs are bound to be the best in town. Make perfection a daily affair, call Chef Buyer.

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