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'Steaming Hot-Hot Dogs': Superior Quality Hot Dog Steamers For Your Business

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Star Mfg. 35SSC Classic Steamro Jr. Hot Dog Steamer
Retail $1,217.00
Your price $1,002.82
Star Mfg. 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer with Juice Tray
Retail $1,298.00
Your price $1,069.43
Star Mfg. 70SSA Hot Dog Steamer with Juice Tray
Retail $2,027.00
Your price $1,670.76

Hot dogs are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can serve hot dogs to your patrons throughout the day. Hot dog steamers are an ideal addition for your restaurant, kiosk, concession stand, food truck, cafe, or diner. These steamers are designed to store buns hot and fresh. Hot dog steamers are great for merchandising; your patrons can go through your offerings before purchasing their favorite hot dog. Easily boost your sales with these high-quality steamers. Hot dog steamers come in various sizes; purchase a large hot dog steamer for your restaurant or cafe. Smaller hot dog steamers are great for kiosks or food trucks, where you have space constraints. Hot dog steamers are highly efficient; with these steamers, you can cook hot dogs in less than 20 minutes. Steamers are also designed to store hot dogs at ideal temperatures for a prolonged period. These machines come equipped with steaming pans to control the levels of steam inside the steamer. Most hot dog steamers come with advanced features like temperature control knobs that let you control the amount of heat, stainless steel housing for durability, tempered glass for merchandising, and auto-shutoff for safety. With hot dog steamers, serve steaming hot dogs to your hungry patrons and boost impulse sales.

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