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ITV Ice Makers EC-250 Ice Cart
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Ice caddies are a unique but essential piece of equipment for your commercial foodservice establishment. With ice caddies, you can store ice for days at a time. These caddies help you transport ice across your establishment. Most ice caddies come equipped with a sliding lid to provide easy access. These ice caddy lids also prevent airborne and other contamination. You can store ice hygienically in ice caddies. These caddies come in 100 to 200 pounds capacity for greater efficiency. Ice caddies also come with a recessed well and drain shelf to extend holding times of ice. Most ice caddies are equipped with heavy-duty 5" casters and 10" wide style casters for superior mobility. The swivel casters also come with brakes for securing the ice caddy. Ice caddies have molded-in handles for easy maneuverability. Some of these caddies have an additional recessed handle for easy-lifting purposes. The caddy body is made from durable polyethylene, and these also have thick foam insulation that can hold ice for days at a stretch. The polyethylene material makes it easy to transport. You can use ice caddies for various events, buffets, and other purposes where you need ice in huge quantities. Ice caddies are highly versatile in nature and a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. You can also chill beer cans, soda cans, and pre-packaged beverages with ice caddies.

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