Global Refrigeration Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets

Approaching Zero: Rapid Cooling with Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets

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Global Refrigeration T30HSP-R Hardening Cabinet


Global Refrigeration T30HSP-L Hardening Cabinet


Global Refrigeration T50HSQL Hardening Cabinet


Global Refrigeration T50HSQHP Hardening Cabinet


If your restaurant sees a lot of traffic for its delicious ice cream, you must know the value of ice cream hardening cabinets. Quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business can always be found at Chef Buyer, whether it’s heating or refrigeration. These refrigeration units are known to reduce temperatures to rapid freezing levels to make sure your creamery’s effort doesn’t go down the drain. Ice creams and gelatos must be frozen quickly to avoid the crystallization of water molecules in the product. Freezing over a while results in a rough textured ice cream full of small, grainy crystals of water frozen into the gelatin and dairy. This renders the ice cream experience unpleasant. Chilling your ice cream rapidly with ice cream hardening cabinets, or blast chillers as they’re commonly referred to, are the antidotes to the crystallization issue. Ice cream cabinets can go from room temperature to the negative 40s in no time, helping you retain the texture of your creamery’s offerings.With our top-quality listings including worldwide ice cream veterans such as Global Refrigeration, Chef Buyer helps you bring the best ice cream hardening cabinets to your operation. Our customized refrigeration plans can ensure you get the best service to offer your customers the taste you intend for them to experience. Make the right choice, contact Chef Buyer today.

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