Indigo Series Ice Makers

Excellent, Quick and Easy Way to Service Your High-volume Business

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Manitowoc IDT0450WP Water-Cooled Ice Maker, Full-Dice, 30.00" W
$4,008.09 /each
Retail $4,008.09
Your price $3,365.07
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Manitowoc IDT0620WP Water-Cooled Ice Maker, Full-Dice, 22.00" W
$4,374.36 /each
Retail $4,374.36
Your price $3,672.58
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Manitowoc IDT1200WP Water-Cooled Ice Maker, , 30.00" W
$7,274.07 /each
Retail $7,274.07
Your price $6,107.08
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The Indigo series ice machines by the premium brand Manitowoc are designed to be the best-in-class ice making appliances. They set the standard for icemaking in terms of reliability, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. These ice makers are energy and water-efficient, leading to lesser operational costs than their competitors. The Indigo series ice machines feature a large, easy to read digital display that allows you to input your desired settings and alerts you when issues such as descaling and other issues arise. Maintenance and cleaning are a breeze due to the front-facing evaporator and a simplified cleaning cycle that automatically resumes ice production after completion. The result is pure, clean-tasting ice that is sure to please your patrons. Customizable ice production levels can be set on the machines to best match your needs so no product goes to waste. The Indigo series also features state-of-the-art technology to inhibit germ growth and keep your ice fresh and pure. Moreover, these machines do not require the use of hard chemicals for the cleaning process, reducing the risk of contaminating the ice. At Chef Buyer, we have an excellent, quick and easy way to service your high-volume business and our selection of the Indigo series Ice makers reflects just that.

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