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No More Grease: Efficient Interceptors for your Restaurant

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The dishwater from your establishment's sinks and dishwasher is bound to contain grease and oil droplets that find their way into the drainage system, where it cannot be treated effectively. Dishwater might also contain hair and lint that can choke up drainpipes, causing a plumbing emergency. However, none of these wastes will be a problem if you have an interceptor outfitted into your drain pipes. Interceptors are ingenious devices that are capable of filtering out grease, sludge, lint, hair, and other wastes from the dishwater so that the pipes aren't damaged and you don't end up releasing toxic and untreated wastes into the environment. Interceptors are available in a wide variety of sizes and models, ranging from small low capacity units to large heavy-duty interceptors that can filter water at high rates of flow. Interceptors are also capable of holding several pounds of waste before being emptied and cleaned. These units are available in threaded & non-threaded variants, depending on the volume of customers you see every day. Interceptors are also available in automatic and manual variants based on the establishments' requirements. Be sure to do the best for the environment while looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, install a high-quality interceptor today.

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