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Squeeze Out Every Last Drop: Premium Juice Extractors for your Commercial Kitchen

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Waring 6001C Juicer Extractor
Waring WJX80 Juice Extractor
Robot Coupe C80 Automatic Pulp & Juice Extractor
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Robot Coupe C120 Automatic Pulp & Juice Extractor
$7,293.00 /each
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Robot Coupe C120A Automatic Pulp & Juice Extractor
$7,981.00 /each
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When you have a fully functioning juice bar at your establishment, an efficient addition to your existing equipment would be a juice extractor. Commercial juice extractors can squeeze out gallons of juice within minutes, making sure that you don’t waste time refilling your customers’ glasses. They’re an ingenious piece of equipment that aids with menu diversification and adding healthier options for your customers to choose from. Juice extractors are capable of dealing with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, however, some of them come with specialized mounts or even separate units that are built to extract juice from citrus fruits. These machines are available in both small countertop models and large standalone models that can help with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Juice extractors are built from durable and rugged materials like stainless steel, and high-grade polymers that aid in both easy cleaning and deal with the rigors of day-to-day functioning. Chef Buyer understands that it’s always important to make a mark on customers so that they can keep coming back for more, creating a steady stream of business. Such an endeavor requires high-quality recruitment that Chef Buyer can provide. Our catalogs are full of top-of-the-line products that are bound to satisfy even the sticklers. With products from Santos, Waring, and Robot Coupe, you’re sure to find the juice extractor you’ve been looking for at Chef Buyer. When scaling up is a priority, make sure you reach a standard that others are envious of. Call Chef Buyer today.

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