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AccuTemp ALDIH Draw-off drain with 6 foot hose
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Call us for pricing at
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Kettles come in handy when you're preparing a variety of liquid and semi-liquid dishes like soup, broth, stew, and sauce. However, since kettles are often used in large capacities, they can get quite heavy and are risky to carry around once detached from their base. Kettles also need to be moved around to serve large kitchens and institutions that see a high volume of food being consumed daily. Kettle drainers are ideal for storage and movement as they come with a drainpipe and sit on a dolly base with wheels, helping your staff move them around safely. Most models are built with durable polymer resin and aluminum, giving the kettle drainers a sturdy build. These units also come with handles that can be used to pull at and maneuver the drainer. The kettle sits within the base and can be connected to the pipe, allowing the kettle drainer to directly drain the contents of the kettle into a vessel or food well. Kettle drainers are available in multiple capacities, colors, and types to suit every operational requirement. Kettle drainers can also be used to clean, wash, and sanitize the kettles with ease. When faced with operational challenges, always look for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Select from our premium variants for best results and easy kettle drainage.

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