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Groen TDB/6-10 Kettle


Groen TDB-20C Kettle


Groen TDB-24C Kettle


Groen TDB-40C Kettle


Groen TDB-20A Kettle


Groen TDB-48C Kettle


Groen TDB-24A Kettle


Groen TDBC-20C Kettle


Groen TDBC-24C Kettle


Groen TDBC-40C Kettle


Groen TDBC-48C Kettle


Groen TDB-40A Kettle


Groen TDB-48A Kettle


Groen TDBC-20A Kettle


Groen TDBC-24A Kettle


Groen TDBC-40A Kettle


Groen TDBC-48A Kettle


Groen 144061 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen 137682 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen MS88327 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen 142839 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen 142838 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen 155742 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen 142842 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen 142843 Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Groen TDB-20C2T Kettle


Groen TDB-24C2T Kettle


Groen TDB-40C2T Kettle


Groen TDB-48C2T Kettle


Groen TDBC-20C2T Kettle


Groen TDBC-24C2T Kettle


Groen TDBC-40C2T Kettle


Groen TDBC-48C2T Kettle


Electric kettles are perfect for cooking large quantities of sauce, stew, pasta, noodles, soup, and other food items. In electric kettles, the heat is evenly distributed to prevent burning and scorching.  Electric kettles are best for cafes, catering businesses, institutions, specialty restaurants, and other food establishments. At Chef Buyer, you can purchase different types of electric kettles to suit your business needs. Electric kettles contain steam in a cavity that is placed between the interior and exterior walls of the electric kettle. Here the steam is generated by an electric burner. With electric kettles, food is heated quickly and efficiently. You can make huge quantities of food with electric kettles. Electric kettles come in different sizes; you can opt for countertop electric kettles or large floor-type electric kettles, depending upon your business needs. Small electric kettles come equipped with a tilting mechanism that helps in pouring the content into a container, while large electric kettles come with a draw-off valve to drain the contents of the kettle. Chef Buyer helps you find the best electric kettles for a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Browse through our kitchen equipment catalog to make the best appliance purchases for your commercial establishment.

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