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Twist, Turn, Drain: Efficient Lever Wastes for your Establishment

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Advance Tabco K-5 Drain


Advance Tabco K-40 Lever Drain


Sinks can get filled with dirty dishwater when your staff is busy doing the dishes. Pulling the drain cap when the sink is full of dishes and cloudy, grimy water is not only difficult but also a safety hazard. Your employees are at risk of injuring themselves in case there are sharp objects and tools in the sink. You can avoid this with a simple lever waste valve that helps your staff drain the dirty dishwater with a simple twist and crank. The turn causes the sink to open up and drain all the dirty water seamlessly without your staff having to reach into the bowl and pull off the drain cap. These units come in handy when you're trying to maintain sanitary practices as well. Made of high-quality alloys like brass, bronze, and steel, these valves are powerful and corrosion-resistant enough to take the grimiest of water and remain rust & stain-free. Lever waste valves also come with special baskets and strainer tubes that can be used to accessorize the existing sink unit at your establishment. Small commercial kitchen equipment like lever waste valves help you come up with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Choose the best lever waste valves to maintain quality, safety, and sanitation.

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