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Admiral Craft NSL-2616 Lug


Lugs are great storage options that help you organize material like pre-packaged food, dinnerware, non-refrigerated food, and disposable material. These are plastic boxes that come with special cutout handles that make for a unique shape and ease of carrying. Lugs are made of hard plastic, often polypropylene and polyethylene to give them a resilient build. Some lugs may also come with attachments that offer added security to the material stored within. Such boxes are essential for food caterers that need to carry a lot of accessories and other material to the site of delivery and operation. Lugs are stackable when empty and can be transported easily. They're available in a multitude of capacities, colors, and types that can suit every need of your operation. Large lugs are even capable of holding rather sizeable commercial kitchen equipment like blenders, choppers, food processors, and condiment jars. When coupled with lug shelves and holders, they provide an economical, quick, and easy way to service your high-volume business. Be sure to select from the best lugs and simple options so you're able to get the most done with small options. Storage and mobility aren't complicated, consider purchasing lugs today.

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