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Everest Refrigeration EDA1 Meat Aging & Thawing Cabinet
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Everest Refrigeration EDA2 Meat Aging & Thawing Cabinet
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Meat curing cabinets are perfect for butcher shops, large restaurants, and institutions where large-scale meat curing is required. Meat curing cabinets simplifies the process of aging meat. These cabinets can effectively shorten the time taken for the aging process.  Meat curing cabinets come in different sizes depending upon your business needs. Choose from a single or multi-door meat curing cabinet model based on your requirements.  You can purchase a large meat curing cabinet for high-volume operations. These large curing cabinets have chambers designed for storing large quantities of meat. Meat curing cabinets come with advanced features like temperature controllers, humidity controllers, and airspeed controllers for maintaining ideal conditions inside the cabinet. Some cabinets also come with digital display panels to monitor the temperature and humidity levels. Most meat curing cabinets have a temperature range of 23 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. These cabinets also come with insulated glass doors to monitor and protect the meat from sudden fluctuations in temperature. Chef Buyer helps you find the perfect meat curing dispensers that can provide a quick and easy way to service your high-volume food business. Don’t forget to browse through our catalog of commercial kitchen equipment, and feel free to reach out if you need help with your buying needs.

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