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Waring WSB01 Big Stix® Wall Hanger


Varimixer VCHUTE-05 Ingredient Chute


Waring WSB38XST Bolt™ 7" Shaft


Sammic MA-11 Sidewalk Markerboard  24"W x 42"H
$107.20 /each
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Varimixer VBEAT-05SS Flat Beater


Varimixer VHOOK-05 Hook


Sammic MA-12 (3030624) Stick Immersion Blender Arm  8-1/2"L removable stainless steel blending arm
$115.20 /each
Retail $115.20
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Admiral Craft PM-20/B Beater


Admiral Craft PM-20/H Dough Hook


Admiral Craft PM-20/W Wire Whisk


Waring WSB38XBP Bolt™ Battery Pack


Univex 1030972 Bowl Truck Adaptor (for 30 qt. bowl for 60 qt.
$114.00 /each
Retail $114.00
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Univex 1012231 Batter Beater
$117.00 /each
Retail $117.00
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Univex CV-0 Equipment Cover
$119.59 /each
Retail $119.59
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Univex 1012233 Pastry Knife
$120.00 /each
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Sammic MA-21 (3030638) Stick Immersion Blender Arm  9-4/5"L removable stainless blending arm
$144.00 /each
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Univex 1020096 Batter Beater
$126.00 /each
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Univex 1023083 Batter Beater
$126.00 /each
Retail $126.00
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Sammic MA-31 (3030653) Stick Immersion Blender Arm  wall mount
$152.80 /each
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Sammic 2502305 (2502305) Additional Bowl
$158.40 /each
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MVP Group LLC 73-0049 Mixer Bowl


Commercial mixers are versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. With prolonged usage, commercial mixers can break down or stop working. With commercial mixer accessories or parts, you can replace essential parts and also upgrade your mixer with accessories to increase your efficiency. You can purchase commercial mixer accessories in different sizes and functionalities. You can easily purchase perfect mixer accessories to service your food establishment in a quick and efficient manner. You can purchase whips, beaters, and dough hooks to mix different types of food products. With commercial mixer accessories, you can blend both dry and liquid foods easily. Commercial mixers come in different sizes. You can purchase stainless steel mixing bowls depending upon your usage. You can opt for a large mixing bowl for high-volume usages, like in large commercial kitchens. You can also get accessories to prepare the dough, cake batter, and other flour-based products. With commercial mixer accessories and attachments, you can beat eggs, mix salt, mix oil, blend sugar, and whip heavy cream with ease. You can also get smaller mixer accessories like screws, bolts, knobs, extra-large bowls, bowl scrapers, and splash guards to service your foodservice establishment. With the right set of mixer accessories, you can keep your mixer in top working condition.

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