Advance Tabco Mobile Enclosed Cabinets

Safety, Mobility, and Storage: Top-tier Mobile Enclosed Cabinets for your Establishment

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Advance Tabco WCH-15-24 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCH-15-36 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCS-15-48 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCH-15-48 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCS-15-60 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCH-15-60 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCH-15-72 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCS-15-72 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCH-15-96 Cabinet


Advance Tabco WCS-15-96 Cabinet


Enclosed cabinets are great solutions to storing prepared food until you deliver them to your guests. An ideal unit for catering businesses, restaurants, and food trucks, these cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, capacities, and features. Not only can these units keep the heat within, but they also prevent the food from drying out by maintaining moisture within the cabinet. The enclosed space also allows for safety and protection from contamination and external pollutants. Enclosed cabinets are capable of storing food at ideal temperatures, preventing any microbial activity on the food. These cabinets are made of rugged stainless steel constructions and come with swivel casters that can assure hassle-free mobility to the operator. With full-sized, half-sized, and even under-counter options, every kind of operation is bound to find a solution with mobile enclosed cabinets because of their sheer versatility. With the comfort of hooking them onto any available power outlet, they're able to not be very demanding when it comes to electricity, thanks to high energy star ratings. Be sure to select from the best brands and trusted models to find quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business.

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