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Freshness & Safety on the Go: High-Quality Mobile Heated Cabinets for your Operations

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Moffat EHT10-P-L Heated Cabinet, Mobile
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Call us for pricing at
1 (866) 302-0260

When you have to prepare several items every day, you will need to place pre-cooked material and preparatory items like dough at designated temperatures. Heated cabinets allow several functionalities forholding cooked food. They maintain optimal temperature levels within the safe zone and also retain humidity so that your food doesn’t dry out during storage. Items like dough can be stored at the right temperature so that your bakers can use it when necessary. Thanks to their wheels, these cabinets can be moved around your kitchen instead of your staff having to move around without necessity. These units come in full-size and half-size options based on the scale of your operation. While the former is ideally suited for large, industrial kitchens, the latter can be deployed in small bistros, bakeries, and cafes. Mobile heated cabinets also help you save up on valuable kitchen space as they double up as both storage areas and heating spaces, helping you cut out the necessity for other machines. While the storage aspect of these units is greatly adored, it is also important to note that all prepared food must be kept out of a temperature danger zone to keep it safe for consumption, as heated cabinets make sure all food is sufficiently warm to prevent microbial infestation. Chef Buyer is a veteran at supplying equipment to commercial kitchens. We’re always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Our services are of high repute and our products are always sourced from superior brands like Vulcan, Beverage-Air, Hatco, Piper Products, Traulsen, Victory, Cambro, and Delfield. We always make sure your purchases are suited to your needs and address every concern. Our products are backed by company-assured warranties and our service team is forever ready to aid you with every query. If you desire perfection, Chef Buyer’s your best bet. 

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