Tecnoeka Combi Ovens

Not Just Another Oven: Choose from Superior Commercial Combi Ovens

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Tecnoeka MKFA 511 TS Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka MKFA 464 TS Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka MKFA 711 TS Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka EKFA 664 UD Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka MKFA 664 TS Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka MKFA 1064 TS Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka MKFA 1664 TS Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-611-611 Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-511-511 Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-464-464 Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-511-711 Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-711-711 Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-464-664 Combi Oven, Electric


Tecnoeka ST-664-664 Combi Oven, Electric


If you’re looking to do away with the costs of maintaining several high-value cooking units and equipment, combi ovens are the right choice. These versatile machines combine the functions of steaming, baking, grilling, broiling, cooking, and roasting. Commercial combi ovens are effective and economical replacements to both commercial steamers and commercial convection ovens. They ensure all-round cooking and are even able to eliminate the requirements of proofers, holders, and slow-cooking equipment. Commercial combi ovens can produce perfectly cooked, steamed, and baked food. These machines allow you to switch between both dry and moist cooking methods without the hassle and are some of the most important developments in modern cooking. Commercial combi ovens are available in gas and electric varieties, each with its advantages. While electric combi ovens cost cheaper upfront, they might rack up higher maintenance and energy costs in the future. Gas combi ovens might cost higher initially, however, they’re more economical when it comes to maintenance and offer quicker heating times and cooking periods. When your kitchen is looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, you have to make the right choices. Chef Buyer makes this happen by bringing to you esteemed experts from the commercial food industry that design unique solutions for your operation. Our catalogs contain veteran brands that have known nearly every kind of cooking solution, and we provide company-assured warranties on all of your purchases. Vulcan, Convotherm, Baxter, Electrolux Professional, and BKI are all categorized in our inventory. If you want to turn up the heat in your kitchen, maybe it’s time to give Chef Buyer a call.

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