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Star UM1854 Ultra-Max® Impingement Conveyor Oven
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Every commercial kitchen owner knows the peril & stress large and simultaneous orders bring with them. Whether it's multiple pizzas, sandwiches, or roasted meats, a flurry of large orders can be overwhelming even for the most seasoned culinarians. This is when gas conveyor ovens can be of great help. They make cooking for large batches an everyday task, something your chefs can do at the flick of a switch. By using a uniform heat distribution system, the gas conveyor oven makes sure each pizza or sandwich is cooked uniformly and to perfection. While your chefs toss pizza base upon pizza base, the conveyor oven can cook up an entire batch, ensuring the smooth functioning of the production line. Though these gas conveyor units might seem a tad pricier than their electric counterparts, the unit saves you costs on maintenance. They run on natural gas and offer fast heat-up times so none of your customers have to wait around too long for their slice of pizza. When you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, it's important to prioritize systems that put in place large-scale cooking capabilities at your establishment. With Chef Buyer's premium range of conveyor gas ovens, you can become the next major neighborhood pizza store by tossing and baking your way to #1. Ease the stress on your staff by bringing in a commercial gas conveyor. Call Chef Buyer today.

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