Baxter Deck-Type Electric Ovens

Baking for the Big Leagues: Commercial Deck-Type Electric Ovens for your Establishment

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Baxter Manufacturing OV450W Deck Oven


Deck-type electric ovens are the ideal choice for dishes that can be baked in a limited cooking space and don’t require much vertical space for cooking. Items like pizzas, pies, and smaller bread are ideally suited for these machines. Deck-type ovens, unlike convection ovens, use infrared radiation to cook the food, an indirect method. Electric deck-type ovens come in several variants that range from single to triple-decker options.  The number of customers you serve each day decides the number of decks you will need. Deck-type ovens come with much higher BTUs compared to conventional ovens, making them a perfect choice if you’re looking to bake items quickly and thoroughly. They’re good stackable options if you ever choose to scale up your baking operation in the future. Electric deck-type ovens operate out of standard electric outlets and are available in both countertop and standalone options. While countertop varieties are more suited to small bakeries, pizzerias, and cafes, standalone ovens are essential to large pizza take-out operations, industrial kitchens, and high-volume restaurants.  When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, you need to make sure you don’t compromise on quality and ease of functioning. Chef Buyer makes sure you’re able to meet all of your requirements by providing the best brands in the industry that have built and marketed the best products. With deck-type ovens from Lang, Piper, Marsal & Sons, Admiral Craft, AMPTO, Turbo Air, Blodgett, and Doyon ovens by your side, you’re sure to deliver on the bakery and pizza sales for a long time to come. Purchase the best products for your establishment, call Chef Buyer today.

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