Southbend Deck-Type Gas Ovens

Commercial Baking Made Easy: Premium Deck-Type Gas Ovens for your Restaurant

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Southbend P32C-32B Platinum Heavy Duty Broiler
Southbend 234R Double Radiant Broiler
Southbend P32N-171 Platinum Heavy Duty Broiler
Southbend P32C-171 Platinum Heavy Duty Broiler

Deck-type gas ovens are multipurpose devices that can be used to integrate a variety of baking operations into a single unit. Though ideal for baking items like pizza, deck-type gas ovens can also bake shortbread, muffins, and other items. They’re available in strong stainless steel constructions that work on a stackable model, provided you’re looking to include scalability in your business. Between one and three decks can give your customers delicious pies that will make sure they keep coming back for more. These variants run on natural gas and have slightly higher BTUs compared to their electric variants that use indirect heating. Each deck can be controlled separately, thanks to individual controls placed on these decks. They allow for a range of functions including temperature control and baking presets. Deck-type gas ovens are great options if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Each unit is capable of running smooth operations in high-volume pizzerias, cafes, and industrial kitchens. Chef Buyer offers a premium range of deck-type gas ovens that are capable of offering quick turnaround times on each order and make sure you fill out your deliveries with precision. Our range of deck-type gas ovens is sourced from the most reputed brands that include Vulcan, Garland, Lang, Marsal & Sons, Blodgett, Piper, Baker’s Pride, Admiral Craft, AMPTO, and Doyon. We assure you of company-backed warranties on all of your purchases and make sure we meet each of your requirements to uphold the standards you’ve set for your establishment. If you’re looking for efficiency, it’s time to call Chef Buyer.

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