Marsal & Sons Countertop Pizza Ovens

Any Time is Pizza Time: The Best Countertop Pizza Ovens

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Marsal & Sons Marsal CT301 Electric Oven


Marsal & Sons Marsal CT302 Electric Oven


When you have limited space and many pizzas to make, a countertop pizza oven can be a great choice. Whether it’s limited countertop space, a concession stand, or a food truck, you can integrate these ovens with your platform to keep those pies coming. Countertop pizza ovens are made of durable stainless steel constructions that are simple to clean and give you no worries about rust or corrosion. Most varieties of countertop pizza ovens are electric and can be plugged into a conventional outlet, so you don’t have to go out of your way to make your grid compliant with this piece of equipment. Countertop models follow the same patterns as standalone types and incorporate a deck-based design. You can expect anywhere between one and two decks on a regular countertop pizza oven model. They’re embellished with and controlled by an electronic control system on the outside that can help you regulate the internal temperature and even adjust presets, depending on the product. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, a commercial pizza oven shakes things up drastically and helps you bring in those profits. Chef Buyer has years of experience with customized commercial kitchen solutions and makes sure even the minutiae of your demands are met. Our inventories are filled to the brim with high-quality, time-tested equipment from market veterans that have garnered critical acclaim from the best of chefs. Admiral Craft, Nemco, Globe, Blodgett, TurboChef, Waring, and Bakers Pride are some of the premium offerings on our catalogs, be sure to check them out when you’re considering a pizza oven purchase. When you seek reliability, don’t settle for temporary, play the long game and rope in Chef Buyer for all your commercial kitchen needs.

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